Azur Lane: I took the graduation port area through time


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798 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Lan Shan Dao Ke

Novel Summary

Azur Lane is a mobile game that Lin Lan loved very much during his lifetime. As a hardcore server player, he once loved the ship girls in it to the full level and full illustrated book. But because of an accident, he suddenly traveled to a different world with ship girls and sirens. This world has very similar settings to the world in the game, and it also has ship girls and sirens. But when Lin Lan came to this world, she discovered that her identity was just that of a trainee commander who was persecuted by a large consortium in an imaginary country very similar to Blue Star. She had nothing. Is he really destined to do nothing in this world? I am afraid that his wife, a ship girl from the first port area who is looking for him all over the world, will not think so. I have an invincible fleet, why do I need to be bothered by this? Wash your vagina for me! Note: This book is not a polynomial article. Only the protagonist’s ship girl is real. The other ship girls are all pawns of the sirens and rarely appear.


TitleAzur Lane: I took the graduation port area through time
Raw Title碧蓝航线:我带着毕业港区穿越了
Addition DateSeptember 14, 2023
AuthorLan Shan Dao Ke
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TagsBased on a Video Game,Male Protagonist,Time Travel,Transmigration