Quadruple split


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1965 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Wei Ye Wu Tong

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Suffering from atypical schizophrenia, Mo Tan said he was under great pressure. And a game called [Innocent Realm] is a good place for him to relieve stress. Chaotic and neutral, he is frivolous and willful, and is the source and author of countless uncontrollable events. Lawful and good, he is tenacious and righteous, and is the most just knight and judge in the eyes of others. Absolutely neutral, he is humble and lacks motivation. He is the reflection and parallel of every ordinary soul. Chaotic and evil, he is crazy, cruel and cold. He is a devil and a deceiver who can only be gentle to himself. "Tanmo is the most outstanding bard I have ever seen, although he is a bit... hard to see through." —— Countess Lesa "Mo is a gentleman of noble character! Even if I have only met him once, I know that anyone can leave their back to him~" - Gwen, the owner of Rotten Rose "If you need an ideal neighbor, look no further than Black Van." - Alchemist Luna "Don't talk about that guy!"


TitleQuadruple split
Raw Title四重分裂
Addition DateSeptember 17, 2023
AuthorWei Ye Wu Tong
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TagsCalm Protagonist,Game Elements,Male Protagonist,Strategic Battles,Strategist