The Phantom Thief of Heart! But Conan


550 Chapters
6 Readers
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550 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Liu Ri Si Chen

Novel Summary

[Comprehensive Persona 5 + Conan fan fiction, from the world view to the main storyline, there are private settings and magic modifications] [There is no heroine, there is a winery vest, the protagonist enters the world of Conan with the P5 game interface, so there will be no original P5 characters] "Mr. Phantom Thief, do you have any comments on your new life?" "It's impossible to steal hearts. It's impossible to steal hearts in this life. People die faster than I can save them. I can only maintain a life like this by developing a good relationship. Going to Mihua Town feels like going home. , everyone in the winery is talented and well-spoken. I like it here very much.”


TitleThe Phantom Thief of Heart! But Conan
Raw Title心之怪盗!但柯南
Addition DateSeptember 21, 2023
AuthorLiu Ri Si Chen
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All Time Rank#4483
TagsMale Protagonist,System,Thieves,Time Travel,Transmigration