This wizard is unscientific


323 Chapters
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323 Chapters · 22 Readers
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Author:Hei Se Er Hao

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With the extraordinary as the basis and the sequence as the framework, the source power is ignited and the source energy gray mist is spewed out. The roar of steam resounds throughout the entire era! Deep in shadows and undertows. Countless greedy, twisted, polluted, and distorted eyes are coveting this roaring new world. The world is starting to get lively! And a certain wizard was quietly hiding in the corner. "I love growing up!" "Then, what's going on with these demon king's heads and evil god's bones?" "I told you, I like to grow, and this is the consequence of hindering my growth!"


TitleThis wizard is unscientific
Raw Title这个巫师他就不科学
Addition DateSeptember 26, 2023
AuthorHei Se Er Hao
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TagsIndustrialization,Magic,Male Protagonist,Wizards