Gundam: The wind blowing through the universe


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446 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Zhou Geng De Akira

Novel Summary

It’s a story about an ordinary boy and a deserted girl, working together to find a way to “go home” in a strange world. Intermittent references to other works will appear, and they are not meant to be malicious, they are very important to the plot, very important, very important. There is no harem, there is hook, a little bit, not much (two machines that are not in the original work, etc.), not super technology, not black technology. The original character descriptions are the author's own interpretation. Different opinions are allowed, but please do not argue. Don't try to cheat the machine. If you cheat, you are right. Can make reasonable suggestions. The author has a fragile mentality, and the code words are just for enclosure, and he does not want to get out of the circle. Also known as "There is indeed something wrong with this seed"


TitleGundam: The wind blowing through the universe
Raw Title高达之吹过宇宙的风
Addition DateOctober 2, 2023
AuthorZhou Geng De Akira
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All Time Rank#5710
TagsCalm Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Transmigration