Parallel World: Dungeons Galore


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262 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Yi Zhi Hen Pi

Novel Summary

A comic exhibition site. [A copy that can be opened is detected, do you want to open it? 】 Chen An looked at the dungeon rewards. [Random hidden attribute points, hidden titles, god-level pets…] “This dungeon reward is a little bit tempting!” “System, open the copy!” 【warn! warn! This dungeon is extremely dangerous and needs to be opened after 3 seconds. 】 【3…】 【2…】 【1…】 [Achievement points required to open this dungeon: 999999] [Please confirm to open. 】 Chen An looked at his achievement value of less than 1,000 points. “Forget it, I’ll go to the copy of the bathroom next door.”


TitleParallel World: Dungeons Galore
Raw Title我在现实刷副本
Addition DateOctober 5, 2023
AuthorYi Zhi Hen Pi
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TagsDungeons,Game Elements,Male Protagonist,System