Technological breakthrough: everyone is a creator


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Tushan Tianhao, who was reborn in parallel time and space, continues to change his understanding of the new world. Fireball is not magic? Summoning pets isn’t fantasy? Isn’t it good martial arts to open a mountain with bare hands? Isn’t flying with a sword a form of cultivation? A world where all people practice spiritual practice is actually a high-tech civilization! ! ! The entire solar system has been transformed into a livable planet, and even subspaces and subworlds can be created. What advantages does your own rebirth have? Huh! This world is actually stuck at the beginning of the third-level cosmic civilization and cannot be promoted for thousands of years? Ha ha! It turns out that the thousands of years of high-tech development in this world have gone so far that... Tushan Tianhao, who thought he could only practice and upgrade step by step according to the rules of this world, discovered that all the technology and culture in his previous life were his biggest "golden fingers." Guys, follow me to learn microscience! Breaking through the saint level, god level, and creation level is not a dream! In the future, I will lead the breakthrough in the cultivation technology of the Kyushu world! breakthrough! breakthrough! Breakthrough again... Everyone is a creator. I don’t believe that I can’t advance to the ninth level of cosmic civilization... Same planet, different history; Same relatives, different lives...


  • Technological breakthrough: everyone is a creator
  • 科技突破:人人都是造物主
Addition DateOctober 9, 2023
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