Mysterious: Me! Omniscient and omnipotent


403 Chapters
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403 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Quan Zhi Zao Wu Zhu

Novel Summary

Yingqi is reborn from the apocalypse! Go back before countless mysterious monsters came to the world. After midnight, the world will enter a new era, and countless major events will break out. Yingqi, who knows everything, moves towards omniscience and omnipotence step by step. He proposes for the first time: the law of birth of strange objects, the law of source material aggregation, the extraordinary sequence formula, the twelve paths to becoming a god, and other new world truths! Yingqi is called "the only extraordinary master", "savior of the world", "holy mentor", "strongest scholar", "Guardian of Blue Star", "god slayer", "omniscient and omnipotent lord" by billions of people "….


TitleMysterious: Me! Omniscient and omnipotent
Raw Title诡秘:我!全知全能(1-409)
Addition DateOctober 20, 2023
AuthorQuan Zhi Zao Wu Zhu
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Monthly Rank#3596
All Time Rank#3565
TagsMale Protagonist,Survival,Time Travel