Douluo's Spiritual Pearl Divine Sword


626 Chapters
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626 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Kai Ju Xuan Huan Xiao Zhu

Novel Summary

The young Tianlin, carrying the Spirit Pearl and the Divine Sword Wuhun, traveled across the Douluo Continent and aspired to the top. PS: Don’t join the group, don’t worship the master. PS2: This is a Douluo fanfic of the main anime The new book, Douluo: Fighting Evil and Nightmare, if you are interested, I sincerely invite you to read it. As a fan of the Douluo series and the three domestic swords, after the fairy sword, it is the turn of the ancient sword.


TitleDouluo's Spiritual Pearl Divine Sword
Raw Title斗罗之灵珠神剑
Addition DateOctober 20, 2023
AuthorKai Ju Xuan Huan Xiao Zhu
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Monthly Rank#150
All Time Rank#837
TagsMale Protagonist,Transmigration,Douluo Dalu