The Happy Man of the Hatake Family of Konoha


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582 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Shao Mai Qi Shi

Novel Summary

If my E is fast enough, what about my teammates? You can't catch up with me! This is the story of an unscrupulous League of Legends Yasuo player who traveled to the world of Naruto and became the younger brother of Konoha White Fang and the uncle of Hatake Kakashi. As the Konoha ninja numbered 4396, he will give Hatake this full-fledged What joy does a sad last name bring? Stay tuned! Kazakh~~ The new Shaomai book "My Ming Dynasty has abundant martial virtues but chooses cultural victory" is currently being serialized. Welcome to watch!


TitleThe Happy Man of the Hatake Family of Konoha
Raw Title木叶之旗木家的快乐风男
Addition DateOctober 20, 2023
AuthorShao Mai Qi Shi
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All Time Rank#2707
TagsAcademy,Game Elements,Male Protagonist,Summoning Magic,Transmigration,Naruto