Warhammer: In the Name of Nirvana


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565 Chapters · 18 Readers
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In front of you is the Emperor. Lord of the Imperium of Man, Co-ruler of Holy Terra and Mars, Heavenly Father, Caesar, Emperor, Augustus, Conqueror of the Stars, Bane of Aliens, Immortal Wisdom, Curse of the Malevolent God, King of the Golden Throne The watch on... And most importantly: The eternal god of mankind, the immortal faith, the greatest causer of suffering, and the greatest bearer of suffering. His legions are falling, his empire is dying, and all his most sacred and original dreams are turning into ignorance and atrocities that can kill him. He is crying. He was screaming. He was powerless and witnessed endless malice in endless suffering. but me? I am the one who puts an end to His suffering. (Female Primarch, original legion, does not vote for Chaos. The author will try his best to keep the information accurate, hammer-flavored, and updated daily. There may be some difficulty in reading at the beginning. You can read a few pictures first to see if you can adapt)


  • Warhammer: In the Name of Nirvana
  • 战锤:以涅槃之名
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