Rebellious Consort: Profligate Elder Miss


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519 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Author:Li Fei Ying

Novel Summary

A red lotus birthmark, it encompasses the complicated love story of four humans. A carefully planned betrayal that was prepared a long time ago, one of the most eminent assassins travels into an alternative plane. Is it all just unplanned and because of luck? Or is it fate working in a mysterious way? His impeccable countenance and demeanor. Her ravishing beauty that no one could take their eyes off of, just like a flower in its finest state. The night was unusually dark. Who was fated for each other? Who was each other’s nemesis?


TitleRebellious Consort: Profligate Elder Miss
Raw Title豪门盛宠:复仇千金归来
Addition DateFebruary 7, 2022
AuthorLi Fei Ying
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All Time Rank#3825
TagsFemale Protagonist,Transmigration