Without a heroic spirit, I can only end it myself.


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277 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Yu Ni Mao Mao Cha

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In the age of fighting spirits, as long as people are in harmony with the heroic spirits, they can contract the heroic spirits from other worlds to fight for them. Jiang He traveled through time and could not contract any heroic spirits, but he awakened the [Book of Heroic Souls]. With the Book of Heroic Souls, he can travel to the world of heroic spirits, inscribe lines of myths and legends based on his own experiences, and create an invincible heroic spirit! He once slayed a dragon at Caishikou, and the dragon's blood was like rain - [Dragon-Slaying True Monarch] I also drank with the immortals, drinking up the river in one gulp - [The Immortal in Wine] He once wiped out all the demons in the world with a single sword - [Demon Swordsman] I also used my bow like the full moon to shoot down the gods and Buddhas all over the sky - [The Demon of the End of Dharma] [God of Death], [Sirius God of War], [Human Emperor], [Ancient Sun-Swallowing Demon], [Buddha of the Past], [The Immortal among Immortals]... While the young man was still worrying about his first heroic soul, Jiang He looked at the thick book of heroic souls and looked equally sad. "There are so many heroic vests, which one should I use next time?"


TitleWithout a heroic spirit, I can only end it myself.
Raw Title没有英灵的我只能亲自下场
Addition DateOctober 26, 2023
AuthorYu Ni Mao Mao Cha
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TagsMale Protagonist,Special Abilities,System,Transmigration,World Hopping