Dragon Clan: Fujimaru-san is saving the world


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644 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Fujimaru Ritsuka, fifteen years old, is the savior. Reborn again, I have to consider whether this is the only opportunity in this life. Save humanity, beat Mr. Gai down, and save the doctor! This time, I will win them all! [Dear Ms. Fujimaru Ritsuka: Thank you for participating in the blood donation activities organized in the community. Based on your previous experience, we judge that you are taking the initiative to show us a friendly attitude. So, please allow me to introduce myself. ——Sheqi Bajia is a professional organization with high quality, high requirements and high mobility. We have many industries and cover a wide range of fields. We guarantee that they are the pillars of the Japanese economy and are reasonable, legal and compliant. Therefore, we are very honored to receive your application. After careful evaluation, we believe that you have met the membership standards of the eight Sheqi families, and hereby extend our most sincere invitation to you. If you have any questions, please contact this number. I am Kaguya, the secretary and head of the communications department of the Sheqi Hachi Family. I am very happy to meet you. Hope to meet you at our home next time. Sincerely yours, Princess Kaguya】 Fujimaru Ritsuka:? ———————————————————————— ps: It is not an invincible stream, there is no rebirth of Lu Mingfei, the timeline is 2006, but the beginning is directly messy with Herzog's plot. Guda has not read the original work, but he studied under a British detective and a Chinese military advisor, so I will recommend it now. A mixed race with a spirit of speech, not a moment.


  • Dragon Clan: Fujimaru-san is saving the world
  • 龙族:藤丸桑正在拯救世界
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