My villain wants to clear his name, but he awakens Cao Thief Simulator


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733 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Fang Zong Wo Meng

Novel Summary

At the beginning, he traveled through time and became a villain. The protagonist was filled with resentment. Su Liang was helpless. What could I do? I just want to live What happened to be activated was the Cao Thief Simulator, the Sims? How to capture the woman the protagonist can’t get? Poaching to get rewards? Sorry, I'm a good, honest boy But as the simulation ended, everything went out of control. The White-haired Fairy's friendship with me has gradually deteriorated, and she claims to still treat me as a friend? You actually want to practice double cultivation with me The cold and untouchable beautiful and mature wife of the sect leader is also plotting against her apprentice's man. She asks you to take care of her, but you take care of her like this. Why does the Master of the Demon Dao Holy Emperor look so sickly? Who among us is the thief?


TitleMy villain wants to clear his name, but he awakens Cao Thief Simulator
Raw Title我反派想洗白,却觉醒曹贼模拟器(全本)
Addition DateNovember 18, 2023
AuthorFang Zong Wo Meng
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TagsMale Protagonist,System,Transmigration