I Cultivate Passively我修仙全靠被动

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655 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Bai Shan Ran Xie

Novel Summary

After thousands of years of silence, the world of cultivation once again welcomed the golden age. While the prodigies and sects’ various disciples in the world competed, Zhou Feng had only a skill panel. And the panel would only give him passive skills. Gluttony: When you digest food, you can digest it faster and better. You will also get hungry faster. Strength: When you are not fighting, you will slowly regain 1% of your health. Blade-Sharpening Rock: You will gain 1 point every time you fight. Age Gracefully: Every year you live, you gain Defense +1. Armor: You will have an armor of a certain ratio every time you attack. Dao Seeds: Increase of 1% to your familiarity with cultivating the Dao. … “All sorts of passive skills are vested within me. I cultivate passively!” “As long as I can live until the end, then I will become the strongest!”


TitleI Cultivate Passively
Raw Title我修仙全靠被动
AuthorBai Shan Ran Xie
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