I fished out corpses in Wuding River to extract entries


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553 Chapters · 54 Readers
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When he woke up, Xie Que became a corpse collector by the Wuding River. The world is full of deceit, and countless demons, demons, and snakes roam the world. Dragon coffin in Wuding River, statue with human face and snake body, He Bo marries his wife, hanging coffin is buried in the sea, red and white evil spirits... Xie Que discovered that he could extract entries by fishing out corpses. Never leave your fist: Purple entry, boxing skills are improving every moment. Carnivorous beings: Purple entries, eating meat can directly enhance Qi and blood. Late bloomer: Purple entry, spiritual talent doubles every ten years! Martial arts wizard: golden entry, martial arts understanding is greatly improved. Never ending: golden entry, breakthrough realm without bottlenecks. Materialization of Heaven: Golden entry, any technique can be simplified to practice. Broken Realm Body: Black entry, body strength has no limit. God rewards those who work hard: black entries, there will be progress every time you practice. The world is impermanent, the golden body is immortal, there is no end, and all laws are inviolable...


  • I fished out corpses in Wuding River to extract entries
  • 我在无定河捞尸提取词条
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