Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress


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Shi Jin in her previous life is not only a recognized love brain and a big vase, but also a fake daughter of the Shi family, who ended up tragically. After rebirth, Shi Jin drew away the water in his mind, went online, hugged his golden thighs, developed a career and abused scum. The people who knew nothing were still waiting to watch her make a joke. Real daughter: As long as Shi Jin is willing to stay, I still lack a babysitter. Fiance: How can we not count the engagements made by our parents? Must fulfill the marriage contract with the real daughter. Everyone in the Shi family: After leaving the Shi family, let’s see how she mixes in the entertainment industry? Black powder: The unspoken rule is her only destiny! … Shortly after. Shi Jin was hacked and searched for having dinner with the richest man in the world. Everyone laughed at her that she could only rely on her body to get around. The richest man in the world: Have problems eating with my sister? Shi Jin and the super international star entered and exited the hotel and were chased by paparazzi for three days and three nights. International superstar: Is there a problem discussing the script with your biological daughter? One day, Shi Jin was pressed against the wall by an international mysterious boss, her eyes flushed with crimson after kissing. After the reporter ran into, they put away their cameras one after another: relatives? The audition was a bit overwhelming! ! ! Mysterious boss: There is a problem with kissing your own wife?


  • Young Master Fu’s Incredible Real Heiress
  • 傅爷怀里的假千金真绝了
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