Don't confiscate my citizenship


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791 Chapters · 29 Readers
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"She was originally a demon. How could she be led evil after meeting a human like me? Those critics always say some ridiculous things." In 1798, during an interview with a reporter, Cardinal Ranchi was asked about his past with the exiled princess of the last descendant of the demon clan, as well as the recent signs of the demon clan’s recovery. He said: "I have made too many efforts to safeguard world peace. I am convinced that under her leadership, there will be no chance of the demons returning to the country." … In the winter of 1802, the demons successfully restored their country. [Based on the above materials, please identify who is the main war criminal who led to the return of the demons, and explain why it is Lan Qi. (10 points)】 ——Selected from "Classic Collection of Imperial History Unified Examination Questions"


  • Don't confiscate my citizenship
  • 不许没收我的人籍
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