I come from the world of punishment


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1823 Chapters · 13 Readers
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In nothingness, the world is divided into three types: the illusion world, the mortal world, and the punishment world (hell) People explore the fantasy world and live in the mortal world, but few people know about the world of punishment, and those who know it only say: It is hell, the place where the wicked are punished. Luo Huai: "So... I just made a little innovation in my first time travel. As for the direct treatment of the protagonist?... Although the big guys over there are very friendly." This is the leisurely daily life of a newbie wandering between the three realms. It’s also the author’s random otherworldly delusion. PS: It contains game elements such as [Minecraft] (mainly) and [Hearthstone], and some features have been slightly modified. Players are welcome to enter. In addition, please treat some of the slightly exaggerated plots in this article with a relaxed attitude - they are "unrealistic delusions" after all, otherwise my "relaxed" label will be meaningless...


  • I come from the world of punishment
  • 我来自惩罚世界
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