Versatile Mage's Magic Talent


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843 Chapters · 98 Readers
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What kind of excitement will a mage who relies on his natural talent to dominate the full-time world bring to the world? Plant Talent: Life Drain It can absorb the vitality of living things for its own use. As the cultivation level increases, the talent becomes stronger and stronger. Life absorption, life devouring, and life control. Can the protagonist rely on his constantly changing talent to break through the lifespan limit that has plagued mankind for thousands of years? ? Space talent: Space affinity Greatly increases the protagonist's affinity for space and increases the protagonist's control over the space system. Musical talent: Cutting, sonic blade, unparalleled cutting, entity cutting, soul cutting Chaos talents: Three times the basic magic increase is like getting three times the praise of the divine seal. Summoning talent: Intermediate level, high level, super level, and forbidden spell all have two contract slots; the summoning magic energy can greatly promote the growth of the summoned beast; the contract feeds back, and the summoned beast advances, which can feed back to the contract owner and increase the cultivation level. Psychic Talent: Multitasking Can release multiple magics at the same time, and can also practice multiple magic systems at the same time. Even if you are walking, you can be distracted while practicing. Curse Talent: Cursed Oven Turn all curses into furnace fire and refine your own cursed substance Fire talent: The fire of Suzaku, Nirvana and rebirth, can offset the side effects of the demonic system Demon type:..........


  • Versatile Mage's Magic Talent
  • 全职法师之魔法天赋
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