Farmer’s Blessed Girl


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3535 Chapters · 27 Readers
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Author:Yu Yu Zhu

Novel Summary

Zhou’s fourth son incurred debts whilst gambling, his mother was seriously ill, and the casino thugs wanted Man Bao to sell herself to them to offset the gambling debts. The villagers claimed the Zhou family’s darling’s (Man Bao) good days has come to an end, and Mrs Zhou was crying while holding Man Bao’s hand. Man Bao used her “system” and led her family to open up the wasteland, grow vegetables, plant medicinal materials, and open shops… As the days got better, her sisters-in-law began to worry about Man Bao’s marriage. “Man Bao, Mr Zhuang’s grandson looks good. He is gentle and educated. He is a good match for you.” “Man Bao, it’s better to choose the Qian family’s son. He is handsome and obedient. He will definitely not talk back to you.” Man Bao pursed her mouth and smiled, “I’ve already thought about it. I’ll choose Bai Shan Bao, whom I have beaten up since childhood!”


TitleFarmer’s Blessed Girl
Raw Title农家小福女
Addition DateSeptember 13, 2022
AuthorYu Yu Zhu
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TagsAncient China,Artificial Intelligence,Black Belly,Business Management,Character Growth,Child Protagonist,Childhood Love,Complex Family Relationships,Confident Protagonist,Cute Children,Determined Protagonist,Doting Older Siblings,Doting Parents,Family Business,Farming,Fast Learner,Female Protagonist,Friendship,Heartwarming,Love Interest Falls in Love First,Medical Knowledge,Playful Protagonist,Poor to Rich,Quirky Characters,Revenge,Royalty,Secret Identity,Smart Couple,System