Extraterrestrial parasite


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514 Chapters · 17 Readers
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Black technology originally refers to science and technology developed independently by non-human beings, which are superior to the current level of human technology and understanding, and even lack scientific basis and violate the principles of nature. This kind of technology that transcends the times can advance human civilization when used for its benefits, and can destroy civilization when used for its disadvantages. Chen Yang, who was parasitized by extraterrestrial creatures, was originally an ordinary human on earth, but now he needs to face a problem. He has technology that exceeds the current level, how should he use it? However, before that, he has to face another problem. The alien creature parasitic on him is not a good partner that is easy to get along with. On the contrary, the most hateful prisoner cannot describe its evil. Its attitude towards human beings is related to the future of mankind. Whether it is for himself or all mankind, the first thing Chen Yang must learn is how to get along with an "alien".

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