My control skills are too weird


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Thanks for the invitation. I just traveled to a different world and my profession is a controller. There are three, six or nine levels of people, and the same is true for controllers. Other people’s controllers: [Ice Crystal Cage] [Crows Storm] [Weird Mist] The skill name is cool and trendy, extremely practical, and is the brains behind the team. But Zuo Yuan's controller has a different style of painting... [Toe bumping surgery] [Hemorrhoid rupture surgery] [Frequent urination surgery] [Renal nodule diamond surgery] [Acute diarrhea surgery] Skill abstraction, practicality abstraction, and team abstraction core. "Did you hear that the demon general was scurrying and spitting when the war started? He couldn't bear the humiliation and committed suicide so that we could return with a great victory." "This is nothing to you. Have you heard of that SSS-level genius from Penglai Academy? He died of kidney stones!" "Ah? Can't kidney stones be shattered using ultrasound?" "His knot is made of diamond! It can't be broken by shock!"


  • My control skills are too weird
  • 我的控制技能也太奇怪了
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