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After staying up all night and working overtime for five consecutive days, Yang Zanxing, a corporate s*ave, had transmigrated into an ancient, cultivation, feel-good novel aimed at the male demographic that she had read last month. She ended up appearing for 3,000 words as the cannon fodder female supporting character who was blown to bits by the male lead for framing his sweetheart. Yang Zanxing: “What’s this about???” The corporate s*ave who was familiar with the plot let out a deafening cry: “My life is up to me! Not to the heavens!” However… Forty years ago, the shark demon had returned for revenge, the relics of the goddess were left in the secret land, the withering snake shaman had reappeared in the world, and the legendary evil sword had resurfaced… Could the Heavenly Lord afford to lose?? As Zanxing faced the escalating difficulties of the plot, she only had one purpose—to get to the ending. ——Destiny is something that happens no matter what you do. Regardless of how you struggle, the end will not change. ——I must change it. A story in which I decide my own life, and not follow the original work.


  • Zanxing
  • 簪星
Addition DateSeptember 15, 2022
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TagsAncient Times,Beautiful Female Lead,Cultivation,Female Protagonist,Monsters,Transmigration