Arad's crooked savior


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3058 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Xiang Chi Da Yu De Mao

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Nicknames [Heton Marr’s Top Ten Enthusiastic Citizens] [Second Sister, I’ve Seen Through You] [The Man Behind the Queen] The ambitious second apostle, known as the second sister and without any sense of shame, moved the apostles one by one in order to rebuild Terra and eliminated them all with the help of the adventurer [Tool Man]. (This setting is actually considered unacceptable in today’s origin version) The octopus is out of water, Shilok is out of sunshine, and the fourth uncle is getting thinner... Ye Lin, who traveled through time, got the [Seal of the Sky] left by the greatest magician [Mar] on the continent of Arad. Make an evil deal with Lion Head to save his wife for Forrest Gump. (achieved) Keep the octopus in the pond and occasionally eat some seafood (achieved) Help Becky find grandpa (achieved) Vaccinate Di Ruiji (achieved) Load Antun with a giant nuclear reactor! Plant Sirok in a pot (the body is a flower) Tiple solves the "diaoge split" A caring and good member of Azerra! (achieved) Kelly holds on to the wall with difficulty (achieved) At the end of the chapter, the writer will delve into various backgrounds not mentioned in the game, as well as various book-eating settings. Key assassination list [Krent, Xiao Tiezhu, Red-tailed Jonathan] Hint: Please insert coins when getting on the bus (referring to collections, recommendation votes) ps: The official is serious about reading the book, and will not and cannot completely follow the official version. "Today is also a day full of hope." (Referring to seventy thousand...) There will be levels in the early stage, but this setting will be blurred in the later stage, focusing on the background and plot.


TitleArad's crooked savior
Raw Title阿拉德的不正经救世主
Addition DateFebruary 5, 2024
AuthorXiang Chi Da Yu De Mao
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TagsMale Protagonist,Special Abilities,Transmigration