Pushing martial arts horizontally: starting from predicting opportunities


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300 Chapters · 46 Readers
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In the sixth year of Shenzong's reign, the world was in chaos. The powerful ministers were responsible for the fourteen states, and the emperor was reduced to a puppet. Xu Guang traveled through time and finally won the golden finger. [Current search keyword-power of blood. Related terms: awakening, safety. Setting range: Thirty miles around Feiyun City】 [Search results are as follows] [1. Xu Guang can choose to swallow a pound of stones every day for three consecutive years to awaken the power of blood - stone skin. Note: If the body is not strong enough, he may die from stomach distension] [2. Xu Guang can awaken the power of bloodline - the blood eye by swallowing the Ancient Sky Eye. The current location of the Ancient Sky Eye is as follows] [3. After Xu Guang obtains the power of the bloodline and the blood eye, he takes the essence and blood from the whole body of the alien and pours it into his own body. There is a chance that he will obtain the corresponding supernatural power, and there is a chance that it will be a weakened version. The method of filling the pillar is as follows] [Note: The current number of search results is displayed as three] … Many years later, Xu Guang stood by the Wei River, with bones lying behind him. He whispered softly. "Search, who is the most powerful person in the world? When I want, I can tear this world apart."


  • Pushing martial arts horizontally: starting from predicting opportunities
  • 横推武道:从预知机缘开始
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