Create a great era of e-sports


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610 Chapters · 17 Readers
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Author:Zhong Nian Shuai Ge

Novel Summary

Mo Yu traveled to a game producer and had a MOBA game that was already out of date. Unfortunately, there has never been a MOBA game in this world... Internet cafe league - city league - national league A and B - continental league - world championship. Among them, countless talented young people have emerged, countless masters have competed on the stage, and countless rich and powerful men have barged in with real money, just to compete for the highest honor, to win glory for their family, glory for the city, and glory for the country! Step by step, starting from the Internet cafe, create a new era of e-sports!


TitleCreate a great era of e-sports
Raw Title打造电竞大时代
Addition DateFebruary 11, 2024
AuthorZhong Nian Shuai Ge
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TagsBusiness Management,e-Sports,Male Protagonist,Parallel Worlds,Transmigration