Horror game: Online rewards for players who earn money


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400 Chapters · 17 Readers
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He Yuxin was devastated by her biological father's mistress and a group of illegitimate children who succeeded in murdering her for money. After her death, she was reduced to a horror game. He Yuxin felt sad and thought about it, and finally decided to put all the company's liquidity into the game. live! In the game, there are ordinary multiplayer versions and difficult single-player related versions. Character cards are unlocked one by one. Even players who spend money have experienced a narrow escape... The fourth person who has never appeared in the villa is the popular high-scoring teacher in the school; The missing flower girl in the town - an ordinary girl who can win the heart of Neptune; The legendary boy and girl who should be dedicated to the mountain god - a couple who are wholesalers of high-quality fruits and vegetables … Every character turned into an identity card has its own weirdness, and the seemingly beautiful existence has been twisted into a strange story. ==== Other players crack the copy: guard against ghosts, collect evidence, make appropriate guesses, and brainstorm. He Yuxin cracked the copy: dealing with ghosts, designing ghosts, forcing ghosts, focusing on getting information from ghosts.


  • Horror game: Online rewards for players who earn money
  • 恐怖游戏:氪金玩家在线打赏
Addition DateFebruary 11, 2024
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