Gou cultivates immortality in the wizarding world


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423 Chapters · 67 Readers
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Author:Shang Pin Ben Se

Novel Summary

After traveling through the wizarding world for decades, Lu Feng had no hope of being promoted to a first-level wizard. With regrets, he returned to his hometown and returned to the sub-continent where he was born. He planned to stay in his hometown as a high-level wizard apprentice and enjoy his old age. Unexpectedly, a space door that unexpectedly appeared in his mind led Lu Feng to a world where he could cultivate immortality and seek Taoism. The path of earthly immortals flourishes here, Build a spiritual realm, build a blessed place, build a cave... After attaining the fruit of earthly immortality, one can live as long as the other world, and enjoy great freedom and freedom. Lu Feng, who traveled between the two worlds and came into contact with the way of the earthly immortal, saw his own way forward. So he decided to stay in the wizarding world and practice the magic of earthly immortality honestly. Seeking great freedom and freedom, a path to heaven and immortality.


TitleGou cultivates immortality in the wizarding world
Raw Title苟在巫师世界修地仙
Addition DateFebruary 12, 2024
AuthorShang Pin Ben Se
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TagsCultivation,Immortals,Magic,Male Protagonist,Special Abilities,Transmigration,Wizards,World Hopping