Xueba: I study hard in the wasteland world


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317 Chapters · 28 Readers
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Author:Yi Yong Er Ru

Novel Summary

There isn’t too much hatred or pretentiousness. This is the story of a “lucky guy” named Su Yu who worked hard and achieved success: As a sophomore, Su Yu from Western Polytechnic University was able to travel back and forth to the wasteland world. When he traveled to the wasteland world, time in the real world was suspended, which gave him a lot of learning time in the wasteland world. Although the wasteland world is riddled with holes, its knowledge is recorded in incomplete books. So, as if Su Yu had discovered a bunch of "peerless secrets", he began to study hard in the wasteland world, and then returned to the real world to become a top student. Of course, he also farmed in the wasteland world.


TitleXueba: I study hard in the wasteland world
Raw Title学霸:我在废土世界好好学习
Addition DateFebruary 13, 2024
AuthorYi Yong Er Ru
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TagsApocalypse,Male Protagonist,Post-apocalyptic,Special Abilities,Time Travel,World Hopping