Reborn little broken ball, I can mod myself


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202 Chapters · 46 Readers
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Lu Yuan was reborn on a planet, only to find that the civilization on this planet had been discovered by a higher civilization. At this critical moment, he awakened a golden finger and found that he could see his own panel: [Current mods: ① Life Explosion (already installed), ② Technology tree level 7 (already installed), ③ Product resources level 8 (already installed)] [Special DLC: ① Sea of Radiation (already installed), ② Invasion of Advanced Civilizations (under installation)] He can also install mods for himself: [Heroes Emerge Module: Several heroes are randomly born among the inhabitants of the planet. 】 [Technology Takeoff Module ②: Global technological development speed +50%. 】 [Mechanical Ascension DLC: Planet residents are transformed into machine races, and a full set of machine race technology trees are included. 】 And many dlc: [Dimensional overlap] 【Secret Recovery】 【Psychic Rise】 【Omnic Crisis】 【Invasion of another world】 【The advent of myth】 So, when advanced civilization comes... "Mom, I want to go home!"


  • Reborn little broken ball, I can mod myself
  • 重生小破球,我能给自己打mod
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