I, Doomsday Superman, join the chat group


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Fantasy invasion! After a brilliant meteor shower, humans around the world gradually awakened to the abilities of a character in fantasy works such as movies, animations, novels, etc. The original order has begun to be reshuffled, and the times are running wild! Until an incredible fantasy character's abilities appear in reality... The whole world is quiet! [Template character: Clark Kent] [Ability Period: Doomsday Spore State] Superman appears? The heat vision that vaporizes everything, the indestructible steel body, the super power that drives the planet... At this point, Blue Star has one more god on earth. And there is another power hidden in this god's body. Scarlet eyes, ferocious bone spurs, and a monster form like an abyssal demon. There is no concept of death, unlimited physical energy, endless evolutionary capabilities... This is the day of destruction! But this monster, which is a combination of gods and demons, received a notification sound. 【Ding! You have joined the dimensional chat group! 】 … Looking at the animation works obtained from the chat group, the plots in them are related to myself. Li Ye smiled. "So I'm a villain?!"


  • I, Doomsday Superman, join the chat group
  • 我,毁灭日超人,加入聊天群
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