Hello White-Eyed Wolf in Quick Travel


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357 Chapters · 4 Readers
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The Quick Travel Bureau has all kinds of weird task groups. Yu Guang, who had just finished cleaning up the deposition tasks of the Holy Mother Affairs Team, was transferred to the White-Eyed Wolf Affairs Team. The director said: Every white-eyed wolf is the most important person to the original owner. We must influence them, let them realize their mistakes, correct their mistakes, and it is best to achieve a happy ending. Yu Guang smiled and adjusted his glasses: "What you said makes so much sense. I will definitely let them understand their mistakes." Why should we give white-eyed wolves a chance to atone for their sins? The best way to subdue white-eyed wolves is to be more white-eyed wolves than them. Looking at this employee who has been evaluated as an excellent employee all year round, the director said: "..."Did I do something wrong? To those exes and white-eyed wolves who hurt us, I have no love in my heart, but I have a knife.


  • Hello White-Eyed Wolf in Quick Travel
  • 快穿之白眼狼你好
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