Ke Xue: Miss Haiyuan wants to attack the police again today?


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438 Chapters · 17 Readers
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[Conan fan work + single heroine Xiao Ai (character design change) + red police + relaxed entertainment story text] [Conan fan work has been completed with 2.8 million words, the quality is guaranteed, and stable updates will not be unfinished]  My name is Higashino Ning. I traveled through time in the sinful city of Rice Flower Town and awakened the police system.  With Conan here, I don’t have to worry about performance or anything else, but I am still frowning.  Because...the Haihara Ai next to me is a little different, relatively unfamiliar. Not only does she nudge a person like me, a person with social anxiety, to fall in love with her every day, but she also attacks me at every turn.  … My name is Haihara Ai, an evil scientist (bushi), codenamed Shirley. I met a stupid policeman and stayed at his house just after escaping from the organization. Although my body has become smaller, it is certainly reasonable for me, who is still 18 years old, to slowly fall in love with him! (Super loud!)  My parents and sister were all killed because of the organization, so it’s only natural that I want to destroy the organization! All crimes will be brought to justice, no matter how stupid the wood is, it will make him fall into the flame of passionate love. The only thing that runs through the belief is the super beautiful girl whose body has become smaller but her mind is still flexible, her goals are firm and she has a great mentality. Gray Original! ...and her little boyfriend Higashino Ning. Higashino Ning (looking left and right at the page, weakly raising his hand): Yes, that’s right, there’s me too.


  • Ke Xue: Miss Haiyuan wants to attack the police again today?
  • 柯学:灰原小姐今天又想袭警?
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