Rise of the Plants


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1805 Chapters · 74 Readers
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Plants can also become a craze. Who said plants are at the bottom of the food chain? Plants can also dominate. After Chi Nan gained the ability to transform plants, he created a powerful empire based on plants. From then on, ground thorn ferns were used to set up positions, wind cannon shrubs were used to defend the city, and pea cannons were used to charge into battle. The plant tanks pushed down the human camp, and the green knights crushed all kinds of cavalry. The bush warriors swept through the orc army, and the giant tree spirits defeated the Behemoth beasts. The green leaf flying dragon fights against the empty groups, and the wood spirit dragon fights against the dragon tribe. If these are not enough, what about the space cannon that can penetrate space, open the space barrier, and conquer alien planes. In addition, the plant battleships rushed out of the continent, headed into space, and swept across the universe. But now, can anyone tell me what to do if I appear in the middle of a battle between two armies in time? They all look so fierce. It's quite a rush to wait online. Chi Nan looked at the troops charging towards him with tears in his eyes... New book "Earth Travels Through the Ages"


  • Rise of the Plants
  • 植物崛起
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TagsEvolution,Male Protagonist,Reincarnated as a Monster,Transmigration,Weak to Strong