LOL: I am Lee Sang Hyeok in my rebirth!


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223 Chapters · 3 Readers
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What would happen to League of Legends if Faker didn't exist? Lee Sang Hyuk, who had just won the S13 world championship, traveled to a parallel world where Faker did not exist. Without Faker, Zed's representative player is actually Ryu? Without Faker, the SKT dynasty is gone, and the LCK Samsung family dominates? Without Faker, Uzi actually achieved a grand slam, and RNG became the first team in the LPL? RNG fans ask everyone when they meet, "What champion are you?" 】 When Lee Sang Hyuk heard everyone arguing about who was the best in the world. He smiled slightly and thought it was interesting. Now that he was here, there would be no need to argue about this issue anymore. Some things were stolen when they were stolen, and he just had to get them back. This book is also known as "Faker: I am still invincible after rebirth" and "Who is the best in the world?" ", "You are worthy of asking who is the champion"


  • LOL: I am Lee Sang Hyeok in my rebirth!
  • LOL:重生之我是李相赫!
  • Faker: I am still invincible after rebirth
  • Faker:重生的我依然无敌
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