Cultivating In The Entertainment Industry我在娱乐圈修仙

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Author:Yu Qi Jiu

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Lin Rui, the daughter of the upstart. In the end, there was an accident, and a wisp of fragrant soul of another world revived in this body. The strongest female fairy Lin Rui looked at the mirror with smoky makeup and dyed colorful hair, her mouth twitched. This…what is it? ! “Mr. Yun, Lin Yinghou’s Wia is broken, only one is left, and she is still flying on it!” “It’s okay.” Yunze said proudly. “Mr. Yun, Lin Yinghou went to the virgin forest to participate in a reality show, and brought back a group of wild beasts!” “Follow her.” Yunze said in a petting tone. “Mr. Yun, Lin Yinghou’s scandal is hotly searched. It is said that Lin Yinghou followed a mysterious man…Huh, where is Mr. Yun?” (Recommend Jiu Ge Huo Wen “I, Super Heroine, Super Fierce”)


TitleCultivating In The Entertainment Industry
Raw Title我在娱乐圈修仙
AuthorYu Qi Jiu
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TagsBeast Companions,Beautiful Female Lead,Cold Protagonist,Cultivation,Handsome Male Lead,Magical Space,Reincarnated in Another World,Weak to Strong,Female Protagonist