Super Storm超级锋暴

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Author:Chen Ai Ting

Novel Summary

In the summer of 2003, Brazilian star Kaka stepped into Milan City in a low-key manner; Portuguese teenager Cristiano Ronaldo flew to Manchester with controversy; the unknown Messi looked up at the newly joined superstar Ronaldinho in La Masia Austria … In a small unknown team in the Netherlands, there is a waste that is about to be eliminated, but it is looking forward to becoming the world’s top superstar and set off a super storm in European football.


TitleSuper Storm
Raw Title超级锋暴
Addition DateSeptember 18, 2022
AuthorChen Ai Ting
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TagsCalm Protagonist,Devoted Love Interests,Early Romance,Fast Learner,Hard-Working Protagonist,Love Interest Falls in Love First,Mature Protagonist,Nationalism,Poor to Rich,Weak to Strong,System Administrator,Male Protagonist