Rebirth of a Movie Queen: the President of the Empire Is Sent to the Door影后重生:帝国总裁送上门

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2093 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Mu Kong

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An Ruixin originally planned to agree to her boyfriend’s proposal after getting the actress and quit the entertainment circle to help her husband and child. On the day when she aspired to be the actress, An Ruixin happily went home and saw her boyfriend, agent and best friend rolling the sheets in her home! Out of control, An Ruixin had a car accident but unexpectedly returned to when she first entered the entertainment industry. “I want to change a company, another broker.” “Yes, as long as Miss Ann is willing to agree with her.” “President Ji respects himself, I never accept unspoken rules.” Ji Chengze’s eyes lit up slightly: “Then, let’s get married.” An Ruixin: “…” She wanted to change her boyfriend by the way, yes, but she never thought of getting married so early! ?


TitleRebirth of a Movie Queen: the President of the Empire Is Sent to the Door
Raw Title影后重生:帝国总裁送上门
AuthorMu Kong
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TagsActing,Beautiful Female Lead,Betrayal,Childcare,Early Romance,Handsome Male Lead,Possessive Characters,Pregnancy,Second Chance,Showbiz,Female Protagonist