Release That Demonic Pet


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1643 Chapters · 38 Readers
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Li Changsheng is a promising youngster from the prestigious Li Clan. However, he is not a normal boy, and he does not live in a normal world. The world is full of demons—mystical creatures with magical powers and abilities. Their existence has led to the creation of a unique occupation—demon tamers! Demon tamers have the special ability to form binding contracts with demons and turn them into their demon pets. Demon tamers raise and train their demon pets, and the demon pets fight and complete tasks for their owners. However, the life of a demon tamer is not without its thorns. Encounters with wild demons can be life-threatening, and rival demon tamers may not always be friendly. As a new and inexperienced demon tamer, Li Changsheng has made it his goal to use everything at his disposal to catch and train the most powerful demon pets, so that he can become the strongest demon tamer. Changsheng begins his journey by diving into a perilous forest in search for a powerful demon to make into his first pet. Can he catch and tame his first demon? And what demons and dangers will he encounter in the future? His adventure continues. - Description from MTL


  • Release That Demonic Pet
  • 放开那只妖宠
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