Crusader Kings: Prisoners of War


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364 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Becoming a prisoner of war in the Roman camp, what awaits Orville is a magical version of the ancient world with a confusing timeline. Several Roman emperors gathered together, the Normans in Northern Europe began to plunder hundreds of years in advance, the successor of Alexander's great cause appeared in Greece again, Gaul broke out a national uprising unprecedented in a century under the leadership of a saint, the Germans were constantly driven into Rome by mysterious nomads from the East, and the Queen of Egypt returned to the throne with the power of Rome... Under the seemingly stable rule of the empire, undercurrents surged. Citizens and slaves, self-employed farmers and large landowners, Augustus and generals, the Senate and civilians, the army and wizards... Every contradiction is tearing apart this empire that is gradually growing but beginning to bloat. Either choose to turn around and attack Rome, which is trapped both internally and externally, and become a national hero of the locals, or choose to save Rome and become a Roman hero who continues Rome. Before making these choices, Orville thinks he can survive first. (Semi-fictional historical text barrier-free reading)


  • Crusader Kings: Prisoners of War
  • 从战俘开始的王国风云
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