The Adventures of My All-Rounder Wife


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1296 Chapters · 24 Readers
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[Shuangqiang and Shuangjie petting each other’s horses, handsome men and women pulling horses] Hearing that Mo’s wife is a ignorant little overlord, all walks of life secretly watch jokes. Learning garbage? Lu Mian threw out the college entrance examination transcript of the science champion. No talent? Lu Mian played the piano with one hand and painted with the other hand, and he did two things for the live performance. Only prodigal? Understand a small goal of net profit in two days. Boxing, go, appraising treasures, racing cars…come and come, more than enough. The gentle Xiao Qimo held his glasses, proud: “Who has anything to say?” The subordinate raised his hand cautiously: “Master Mo, I found it! The person who destroyed the illegal laboratory with his own power seems to be his wife…” Xiao Qimo glanced at his wife who was quietly practicing calligraphy, “Impossible!” until– The international elite organization held a general meeting. Masked Xiao Qimo and Lu Mian both took the stage and succeeded. Xiao Qimo: The deputy leader next door is a bit like my wife… Lu Mian: The boss next door has a familiar look… Soon, someone saw the newly appointed leader blocking the deputy leader in the bathroom… Sven scum black belly BOSSx cynical vest Girl.


  • The Adventures of My All-Rounder Wife
  • 全能大佬又被拆马甲了
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