Naruto: The Legend of Chiba火影之千叶传说

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2858 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Ling Shi

Novel Summary

Travel through the world of Naruto and blend into many ninjas. Eight-door Dunjia, Ninjutsu Profound Meaning… It turns out that crossing is not without any talent, but it has not been discovered yet! The strongest ninja in Konoha history, the road to legend begins… Uh…Don’t say I’m humble, low-key… [This book does not disassemble the original CP, this is a story of living in the world of Naruto.]


TitleNaruto: The Legend of Chiba
Raw Title火影之千叶传说
Addition DateSeptember 23, 2022
AuthorLing Shi
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Monthly Rank#820
All Time Rank#634
TagsChild Abuse,Death of Loved Ones,Eye Powers,Fanfiction,Hard-Working Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Slow Growth at Start,Weak to Strong,Naruto