MMORPG: Opening Awakening Super God Talent网游之开局觉醒超神天赋

2081 Chapters
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2081 Chapters · 21 Readers
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Author:Chen Yuan An Shang

Novel Summary

Qin Luosheng passed through, crossing into a parallel world with extremely advanced virtual technology. Enter “Destiny Dimension”, accidentally awaken the SSS super god talent, obtain sublimation power and charm value MAX. When others were still complacent about exploding a piece of golden equipment, he was already covered in magic costume. While others are still carefully speculating about the NPC’s personality and preferences, he has put his heart to heart with many NPCs, various hidden tasks, special occupations, invincible skills, heaven-defying equipment, and no money to give him.


TitleMMORPG: Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Raw Title网游之开局觉醒超神天赋
Addition DateSeptember 23, 2022
AuthorChen Yuan An Shang
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TagsBeasts,Cheats,Game Elements,Game Ranking System,Handsome Male Lead,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Level System,Magic Beasts,Male Protagonist,MMORPG,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Shameless Protagonist,Strong to Stronger,Virtual Reality