Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive蜜爱1V1:首席宠上天

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2558 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Gao Qing

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He’s the dream guy of women world wide, the CEO of a formidable mega-corporation. But, he’s absolutely powerless against her, resorting to all kinds of methods to force her into a marriage, tying her to his side with a certficiate. “Remember, from now on, you’re not allowed to enter unclean entertainment venues, not allowed to accept drinks from other men, not allowed to have physical contact with men other than me. If not, bear the consenquences.” Ling Tianya felt that she was just like a girl undergoing puberty, under strict supervision of her parents, shackling her down with restrictions upon restrictions. “Your requests are ridiculous, I have meetings and obligations, I… …” The man held tightly onto her, as though wanting nothing more than to absorb her into himself. “Ling Tianya, this is not a discussion.” Therefore, the CEO had became a complete slave to his wife. “My love for you is your perogative. Use me to your heart’s wishes, I am more than willing!” But all he got in exchange was an eye roll, “Keep it for yourself, I don’t need it!”


TitleSweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive
Raw Title蜜爱1V1:首席宠上天
Addition DateSeptember 25, 2022
AuthorGao Qing
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TagsAbusive Characters,Beautiful Female Lead,Handsome Male Lead,Rape,Female Protagonist