Global Game: Begin With 10 Billion Psionic Coins全球游戏:开局百亿灵能币

1134 Chapters
110 Readers
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1134 Chapters · 110 Readers
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Author:Ai Ai De Huo Qiu

Novel Summary

Alien civilization invaded, global psionics recovered, and a game against alien civilization was born... What? All transactions in the game can only use psionic coins? Can't you quickly increase your strength without burning a lot of money? Su Yu smiled while standing beside the world's largest psionic spring. I have tens of billions of psionic coins! Are you scared?


TitleGlobal Game: Begin With 10 Billion Psionic Coins
Raw Title全球游戏:开局百亿灵能币
Addition DateFebruary 21, 2022
AuthorAi Ai De Huo Qiu
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TagsGame Elements,Magic,Reincarnation,Virtual Reality