I Make Escapes and Scare Gamers Worldwide!我制作逃生,吓坏全球玩家!

129 Chapters
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129 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Da Fen Hui Guo Rou

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I made escape to scare players around the world! Introduction: Lin Mu traveled to the world of vr technology, but found that the world's game industry is extremely backward. In order to give players cool in this extremely hot summer, Lin Mu decided to make a game. First of all, players were given an appetizer and developed Escape. The anchor shouted for his life to pass the customs, but was scared by the patients in the corridor and hid in the cabinet. Just when players around the world thought that escape was the most horrible game, Lin Mu silently took out Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Blood Curse...


TitleI Make Escapes and Scare Gamers Worldwide!
Raw Title我制作逃生,吓坏全球玩家!
Addition DateSeptember 27, 2022
AuthorDa Fen Hui Guo Rou
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TagsMale Protagonist