The Conqueror Isn’t Alone


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106 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Fang Ge Zi

Novel Summary

After Lü Bu was hung by Cao Cao at White Gate Tower, he travelled to the end of the Qin dynasty. By chance, he was thrown into the camp of the Hegemon-King of Western Chu and helped him conquer north and south, compete for power, and unify the Central Plains. –Lü Bu was disappointed to discover that although his death was laughable, compared to this person, he could still be regarded as someone sensible.


TitleThe Conqueror Isn’t Alone
Raw Title[西楚]霸王无独
Addition DateSeptember 28, 2022
AuthorFang Ge Zi
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TagsAncient China,Appearance Different from Actual Age,Cosmic Wars,Depictions of Cruelty,Devoted Love Interests,Handsome Male Lead,Manly Gay Couple,Military,Power Couple,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Ruthless Protagonist,Strong Love Interests,Time Travel