The Prestigious Family’s Young lady and the Farmer


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182 Chapters · 45 Readers
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This is a tale of a fake young miss of a prestigious family and a farmer. This is a tale of an ill-fated shu-born daughter, framed by her di sister to be sold to a peasant to be his wife. Ye Ziman crossed over into a Lin family’s shu-born daughter’s body in the Daxi dynasty. Just after crossing over, she was faced with a situation of being sold…. In a noisy rustic market, she was being sold by a trafficker at a high price of 20 taels of silver on the street…. Amid a noisy and disorderly crowd, he put the pig in his hands and demanded a wife in exchange for a pig…. To have a wife in exchange for a pig??? This…this….is this not a mistake? In short, all in all, this is a sweet tale of a sincere and honest coarse man’s journey of pampering his wife.


  • The Prestigious Family’s Young lady and the Farmer
  • 名门闺秀与农夫
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